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Since 1975 Glass has been offering the very best in windshield repair having successfully repaired well over 100,000 windshields

GLAS-FILL SYSTEM worked with the state police back in the day to have windshield repairs approved for the state of Maryland.

We will always recommend repair over replacement!

Here's why...

  • The vehicle maintains its original factory seal and structure.
  • No water leaks
  • No scratched paint or pinch weld
  • No wavy or loose moldings

Our opinion is: Why mess with good thing?

For a little glitch in your windshield you are far better off repairing it than messing with an iatrical structure of the vehicle.

Windshields are bonded to the structure of the car and should only be removed when necessary.


  • We have a better than 98% success rate on all our chip repairs.
  • Repairs are lifetime guaranteed to pass state inspection and never spread.
  • Glass repair has its limitations for what can be repaired.
  • Most damages are nickel, dime, quarter size which we guarantee. We are able however to repair damages as large as a baseball or single line up to 12", but for these larger hits we would only be able to guarantee that they do not spread. Lifetime.

If at anytime, you are not happy with the repair or if it were to ever spread or fail to pass any state inspection, we will gladly refund your money or give you $100.00 off our glass replacement. Nobody will offer you that.

Just a note windshield repair is a one time fix so if it's been repaired previous it cannot be repaired again. The resin used hardens into a plastic closing off the passage way to get back in to repair it again.

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